the film making guy & the GLASA thingy

Posted on April 15, 2010 by ueze.
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its been crazy out here as of late. all this graduation talk and post undergraduate plans are making my head spin. It seems as if i’m having headaches when i come back from school. I do think that i am allowing myself to become stressed out though. i need to take it easyyyy.

lately, i have been taking video recordings of things and just putting things together. dare i call myself a budding film maker? i dunno. but i do know that i am really enjoying putting these clips together. I do think i have an eye and ear for whats funny and ridiculous at the very same time.

here is a video that i made while waiting in the office of Professor Weir of the English department. There was no script or plan or whatever. It was just us English majors fooling around.


i just tried to Upload another Video but it was taking foooorever and my headache is progressively getting worse as i sit in one place and wait.

OHHH, by the way, i witnessed the equal rights march by GLASA on campus. Their bright colors looked lovely in the beautiful sunlight. however i’m not sure what was exactly being protested here. there seemed to be a wide variety of signs and chants.

they picked a super lovely day to have their march though

my camera is taking some really nice pictures as of late.

i like this.

the spring break that never was…

Posted on April 4, 2010 by ueze.
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…sigh. spring break just wasn’t what it was supposed to be.

i barely felt the breaking or the springing, besides from the last few days. Spring Break was kicked off by rainstorms. nothing spring breaky about that.

i had three things i wanted to take care of this break time and it was all school work related.

1. grad school personal statement. -1 draft finished

2. reread my paper that i will presenting at the Mellon Mays conference for undergrads, that is going down this upcoming friday. – have not done so yet.

3. work on my presentation for the Honors English presentation at the end of the semester.- have not done so yet.

why haven’t i done so yet? i guess life keeps getting in the way.

i’ve been working on this mini series i want to create for Queens College. i can’t say anymore about it now because someone may steal my idea >:-(   and everything is still up in the air so i am taking things one step at a time for now.

but you will surely hear more.

btw, look for me on the plasma t.v.’s throughout the campus. the russell simmons event is on there and i get some camera time 😀

the happenenings…

Posted on March 21, 2010 by ueze.
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some pretty dope things went down this week and i shall bring you up to speed in a very condensed fashion. I am on the precipice of reaching “headaches-ville”…again. I guess this is what happens when you go out and play football in the morning and not eat anything besides cookies and vitamin water until 2pm.

keep in mind, i was up and out of my house by 730 for the 9 am game.

anyway, on monday i participated in this event…actually, i will let the news coverage of New York 1 explain it. My few seconds of television notoriety


i spent 20 – 30 minutes attempting to embedded the actual video on this post but i have failed, evidently.

my headache has begun to advance on the fortress of my brain so im gonna wrap this up extra quickly

after the event mentioned above, i ran to another meeting i was scheduled to be present at. it was with the director of Student Life, Jennifer Jarvis where we discussed certain things that i won’t mention yet. it will all be revealed at a later date.

but i will mentioned how i met two television directors. one who lives in Hollywood and has won an Emmy and the other lives in NY and has directed many shows we may have watched.

They are both QC Alum. I actually think one went here when Jerry Seinfeld did as well.

who were these men and why was i meeting with them? you’ll have to remain tuned in to this blog in order to find out.

i’m going to lie down now before i pass out. ughhhh

why was i meeting

Club Truth Talent Show

Posted on March 14, 2010 by ueze.
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last Wednesday, the 10th of March, i had the distinct pleasure of hosting the Club Truth’s Talent Show at Queens College. It was from 6-9 in the SU Ballroom on the 4th floor.

you guys remember that i’m a member of the club…the same club i was reppin’ and recruiting during club day of course.

the energy that was in the room was pretty amazing. you can’t give me a mic, hype men a good crowd, a DJ and some homies IN the crowd and not expect me to have a great time!

Club Truth is a new and small club on campus that has weekly discussions about life’s concerns and overarching principals alike. we search for deeper meanings to our everyday journeys while using one standard of truth.

would you now like to know what is our standard of truth? you’ll have to come to a meeting and find out. we have them every wednesday from 8pm-825pm or so. contact me for more infoooooooooooo.

Anyway, i wasn’t sure that the show was going to be the success that it was due to the quick planning and last minute promotion but thank God for facebook and word of mouth. We started really spreading the word the weekend before the event and that allowed us to amass a pretty dope crowd.

We had more talent than time allowed…and thats ALWAYS a good thing!

So this is how the talent show went. We had a list of people who signed up to compete ahead of time so they had their own competition. we had three judges who were…well, judging them.

(Judges: Capt’ Issac, el Presidente Moya & Cameron BLACKWOOD)

then, we had a walk on contest. anyone who wanted to perform and enter the contest for on the spot sign ups had their own competition and the crowd would select a winner.

the prizes were ipods…thats always great.

we had people singing, rapping, singing well, spoken word, guitar players and a featured act who was a legit artist, signed to a record company.


i thoroughly enjoyed myself that night…a very good time was had by all.

le discussion

Posted on March 5, 2010 by ueze.
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i wrote this entire post about this feminist critical theory is presented a class discussion on with Sharon Tran and the DUMB website deleted the main portion when it “failed” to save my post! >:-(

to make matters worse, i didn’t even want to write about the theory but i felt i needed to put up an in-depth look at my academics, at Prof Faherty’s advice of course.

no deal.

Evidently, WordPress wants to keep all these ideas to itself!

this is like SkyNet in the Terminator. it all starts with a simple deleted blog entry and next thing you know, we have this…

a deleted blog entry = the possible destruction of humans PERIOD

so in an effort to recapture the essence of what i was writing about initially, here is an excerpt from my response paper from my poli sci seminar course…

“In Mari Matsuda’s keynote speech presented at Yale Law School, she claimed that feminists would assert that “the personal is the political”. This notion seems to ring true when viewing the works and careers of many minority women in academia (or other professional fields such as law). In accordance to the Matsuda reading, the presence of a disenfranchised group member such as an African American woman in Law School is a political statement in itself. This position transfigures the person into a being forced into “shifting consciousness”, which produces “sometimes madness, sometimes genius, sometimes both” (Matsuda 3). The woman isn’t allowed to exist as an African American woman when in the presence of a white woman professor when the topics of violence against women are discussed. Her racial affiliation has to take a back seat to her womanhood.  Her body becomes the political statement in her attempts to constantly shift her shape to fit the given situation while still holding on to the elements of herself that she is forced to submerge. She cannot afford the luxury of merely being herself. There is always a category she is forced to conform to.”

*thanks wordpress for ruining my post and mood. its bad enough im staying in on a friday night to do school work. last thing i need to an angry website.

i’m outta here.


Haitian Earthquake Survivor Panel

Posted on February 26, 2010 by ueze.
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I had the distinct pleasure of attending a panel discussion featuring survivors of the devastating earthquake in Haiti. Interestingly enough, if i wasn’t forced to go by the director of my fellowship (the Mellon Mays undergraduate fellowship), Professor Pierre Louise, i would have never gone.

of course he was speaking, so there was no faking my attendance.

Thank God i did go.

It was literally amazing in a low key sort of way. There were no slide shows, explosions, arguments or name calling. Which are normally the things that make a panel discussion great.

It was the account of Prof Pierre Louise that truly did it for me. When he gave his first hand account of the events, i was so locked into his story, i didn’t even remember to update my facebook status with a witty comment about my outfit.

yeah, i know!! i must’ve been really into what he was saying.

But here are quick glimpses of the outfit 😀  lol

My friend saw me walking around and taking pictures of the event and when i stood next to him and took this picture of myself, he asked “Ugo, did you really just take a picture of your sneakers?”

I said “nah bro. i got some of my scarf in thereas well”

After this event, i went to Klapper Hall to hang out in my homies art studio room for a bit.

we did artsy stuff in there. such as work for my acting class, freestyling and dope music listening.

the view from her studio…

While writing this, i just remembered that i have this long reading to do for wednesday, as i lead a class discussion with Sharon Tran, who is also a QC blogger and fellow Mellon Fellow.

well, i gotta get going. these acting lines won’t memorize themselves.


remember to love thy neighbor.

and not just the person who lives next door to you.

the monday that quickly came

Posted on February 23, 2010 by ueze.
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against my notions of proper blog etiquette, i am writing this blog on the fly. i need to go to the mid week service at church and i just got back from work, so i gotta fly fly fly!

however, i need to work on this blog in order for me to feel as if i am making progression in denting my work load. I just made a list of the things i need to do before the week is up and i literally got choked up while looking at the tasks.

there are only two possible results.

1- i man UP.

2- my homies will be calling “man down” and i will be hospitalized for anxiety or exhaustion or whatever famous people say when they go in for these reasons.

anyway, club day came faster than i expected.

i am with many clubs but i was reppin’ Club Truth which is affiliated with the Church i roll with, so it was dope holding down our table with my brothers. i wish i took more pictures that represented the energy we brought out there but i was busy being in the moment and recruiting.

sometimes moments have to be experienced and stepping back to capture the feel will only interrupt the energy flow.

there was only three of us, with some speakers and the will to turn that “mutha out!” and we did just that!

After i helped set up the official DJ equipment with my homies from WQMC radio, i had to get the audio situation settled with Club Truth. (i was playing double duty with audio supremacy that day)

We were in desperate need of an extension cord in order to really get the music drawing attention to us and our table. Luckily i have a few contacts around the Student Union and i was hooked up with a lovely extension cord.

Then after the socializing and networking, i had to fly out to the library where my class was having a research session class in order to help us dig in deeper with our research papers.

Ms. Nancy Foasberg did a great job directing our lost souls through the research method terminology and locations of this and that and more of this.

alrighty ya’ll. i really gotta fly now. i still need to pick out my second outfit for the day. lol


the day before it goes down!

Posted on February 19, 2010 by ueze.
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its finally here! game time game time GAME TIME!! (this is my game face)

and by “game time” i am referring to the Honors English exam. its going down tomorrow morning, Friday the 19th! this has the makings of being a day that shall live in infamy OR it will be a glorious occasion OR it may be a day that i’ve easily forgotten, like two tuesdays from last.

(try and remember what you did then. a tuesday. nothing is really special about a tuesday. except the mid week church service. thats pretty fly)

ANYWAY, this is how i spent my Honors Exam-Eve…

Even though i have the big test tomorrow, i still have other courses to study and work for so i arrived on campus several hours earlier than needed in order to run some lines with my acting partner, Diane and her friend Diana. ( i know…weird right)

we hit up Rathus and confiscated a room for our “usages” for about twenty minutes. Then we had the room taken away from us by people who actually had class there.

What ever happened to finders keepers?? Christopher Columbus got to do that, why not we???

For some strange reason, i enjoy sitting at the Professor’s desk whenever i inhabit and empty classroom. its like i am practicing and envisioning myself leading my future students astray with diatribes about the complexity of the varying Levi’s Jeans styles.

After all that good acting stuff, i had to get to Honors English class- i should mention, there is an entire 2 hours between the two events and i filled them in a very productive manner.

I swung by my boy’s radio show in the Student Union, where i saw friends i haven’t seen all semester. it was pretty dope being around the ol’ stomping grounds. the radio show consisted of advice on how to pick up women, when not to get into a relationship and why, and as someone mentioned, the fact that all girls under the age of 26 cheat.

(he didn’t mention men cheating because he figured it was already known. its like saying sliding on grass with khaki pants will leave a nasty stain. DUHHH. oh, i kid…slightly)

here are my two study mates V-Lee and Shane-O-Mac! we were out of class and juiced to not have to decode an undecipherable poem for another 15 hours or so.

they were throwing up those “E” signs for english baby!!

Shaney boy looks like a good ol’ Post Modern poet here.

Check out the commitment to excellence ( or something of that nature.) Right after our 3 hours class, Lee and i head over to the library for more of that “reading” stuff.

On our walk to Rosenthal Library…

once we arrived, we had to walk around for 40 years in search of an outlet in the Library. we settled on the 5th floor which was adequate enough…i guess. i wanted the 2nd floor. but whatever. >:-/

Make sure you look at the time on my phone. we got out of class at 4:30, and 14 minutes later, we’re on it again! BOOM! that’s how you do it kids

i had to bail out of there at 5:30ish because i was getting one of those hunger headaches and i had to  rendezvous with someone at 6pm. So i grabbed some of that good ol’ Caf food and went on my way. (sluggishly)

until next time folks!


…the sickness

Posted on February 12, 2010 by ueze.
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evidently, this past snowstorm situation has left me with some sort of cold thing…

it has also thrown off my blog entries. i didn’t get to take any fresh pictures to help spice up my blog. its just words on a page now :-(

getting the Wednesday off from school was pretty dope in regards to getting the opportunity to work on my Honors English exam that is coming up next Friday.

However, i thought things will be as simple as me having a day off and time to study but i didnt take in account the time for shoveling, and the shovel recovery time as well, then the eating time, then the laying in bed time…do you see where i’m going with this?

Now, i’m going to give the Honors study another go. I just wanted to drop in and drop off this post.

if you’re looking for more “Ugo action” you can check out my website


the wednesday!

Posted on February 4, 2010 by ueze.
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my Wednesday schedule has me free of any formal sit down sessions until 6pm. that leaves me an entire day to get things done…or blow time.

this is how this particular day went…

this is my homie Daphaney Jacquitte

We are both in Dean Joe’s leadership course (designated for leaders…evidently i bribed my way in there) and we are supposed to watch the film 12 Angry Men for tomorrow’s class.

i was easily judging a book…errr…DVD by its cover and the thought of watching 12 Angry Men, made 1 Angry me. (Ba Dum Tish) But seriously…i didn’t want to watch it…no i mean it, i  really didn’t.

However, once we stopped being babies and wondering how a man as dope and well dressed as Dean Joe, could possibly pick such a lame film, we were soooo shocked and elated that it was an AMAZING piece of work!

By the way, we had to move to 3 different computer stations before we found a system that could accommodate our heavy demands of playing a 1 DVD and having 2 functioning headsets. :-/

For those who do not know, you can play a DVD or VHS in the library lower level, media center or area or whatever you want to call it. Its right next to where you are allowed to borrow the laptops. (yes, you can do that too)

Next up, i had the pleasure of meeting up with my brotha from another, Shane-o-Mac, for a session of English Honor Exam Studying and Prepping. But before we got into that, we had to drop off the DVD back to Dean Joe’s office.

this is Dr. Joe!!! (silk patterned tie…of course)

i often ask myself, “Self, are you jealous that Dean Joe has a great relationship with tons of QC students??” Perhaps. But in my mind, i tell myself that its just business, nothing personal. I like to believe i am special. After all, i helped him move into his QC Summit apartment. i separated his ties for goodness sake!! Stripes in one pile, patterns in the other!! that’s got to stand for something!

If you’ve been to Dean Joe’s office, you have to admire the assortment of colorful condoms laid out for students…in a bowl… from South Africa.

Here is an interesting thought. South Africa has one of the highest Aids rates in the world. There is a South African bowl full of condoms in his office. Maybe we should send the bowl back WITH the condoms in it. (Ba Dum!)

(don’t put on that shocked face. i’m only speaking the truth…besides, i’ve been to South Africa, so i’m allowed to make all the safe sex jokes i want)

that’s Shane-O-Mac modeling for our “QC Keepin’ it Safe and Sexy” promo

We left Dean J and the bowl-o-protection we headed for the Caf and grabbed a bite to eat with another one of my homies Sean “SkyWalker” Strommer. We kicked it with him, Ify and Vianey. While we were at the Caf, Shane’s lady friend (ooooo la la) Danabelle aka “D-Bella” or “D-Bells” or “Bells” for short, joined our posse.

…unfortunately i didn’t take any pictures of them or that great time we were having. but after that we HAD to hit up the library to finally study like originally planned.

Shane was admiring the beauty of the view from Rosenthal Library’s 5th florr, Rm 503 which is a group study room.

Bells was getting busy on the stationary CPU as we got things cracking

While we were getting at those books of ours, we were blessed to experience a beautiful sunset that was equally appreciated by equally appreciative individuals brought together by a common love of literature and life.

what made these moments with Danni Bells and Shane even EXTRA amazing was the Duffy playing in the background. I wish i could freeze certain moments and just exist in them for a few moments longer than they are able to exist but alas, i cannot. maybe this makes them THAT much more beautiful.

this all ended at around 6pm.

I got home at 12am.

I would love to explain what i did within those other 6 hours but my hands are really hurting from typing and its 2am and i really gotta get up early and work out and pick out my outfit for the morning. (God Willing)

it was a long but dope day regardless.


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